Don't start with the 3rd phrase

Don't start with the 3rd phrase.

Time after time, I say to my daughter: "Don't start with the third phrase!"

She sits down at the table and immediately with despair and resentment in her voice:

- Why wasn't I given bread ???

- This is the third phrase, dear. The first one should be: "Please give me some bread" (it solves 80% of the problems on the spot).

The second phrase: "Sorry, I said that I needed bread. Perhaps you did not hear me? "(The probability of getting bread grows to 95%).

And only if you did not get it after this, you can exclaim the very third phrase: "Why wasn't I given bread?". But most likely it will not be needed.

When terrible anger, discontent, and resentment at someone's behavior begins to sort you out, ask yourself first thing: did you say to this person that you want something and something not? Does he even have any suspicions about what you are unhappy?

No matter how insulting it is, people do many things not because they actively wish us bad things, but because they are busy with themselves and are not going to think about us, our thin strings and very nerve endings. But they can do a lot in your favor if we (using the gift of a direct speech given to us) let them know about it!

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